Thank you!

It all works if we change the line to:
>> #609: independentFrame = ((Data[i+2]>>3)&  0x06)==0;

For some reason 'picture_coding_type' is set to '000' in
this stream, not '001'. So only checkin the upper bits
seem to do the trick.

As streams like this seem to exist both in Sweden and in France,
is there any chance of making this change in the official VDR?


Dominique skrev 2011-05-25 22:25:

This has been discussed here .. even if the solution is a temporary one, it
works nice in France from months

Best regards

Le mercredi 25 mai 2011 21:57:15, Johan Andersson a écrit :
Has anyone seen something similar to this?
The relevant line in remux.c is:
#609: independentFrame = ((Data[i+2]>>3)&  0x07)==1;

>> [...]

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