On 03.06.2011 22:33, Johan Andersson wrote:


I got a new reply from Teracom, where they had looked into this and could not 
see any problem on their end. They did say they had recently
changed coding platform for TV6 though but it produced correct codes.

So, I did some further analysis of this, and I believe now the error is in 

It seems the 'new coding platform', before an I-frame, always puts the picture 
startcode, ie '00000100' at the end of the TS packet. This means that the code:

independentFrame = ((Data[i + 2] >> 3) & 0x07) == 1; // I-Frame

looks at the wrong byte, as i+2 > TS_SIZE

For non-I frames it can appear anywhere in the packet. The idea seems to
be that an I-frame is always at the start of a TS-packet, do not ask me why.

So, your instinct of rejecting my suggestion for a patch was correct.

I have sample TS data of this stream, or dvbsnoop output of the relevant
PID, if you are interested.

I am very interested!
Can you put the sample data somewhere I can download it?
The dvbsnoop output might also be helpful.


Johan Andersson skrev 2011-05-29 19:14:
I got a very positive sounding response from Teracom. I got the
impression they are really going to fix this. For anyone else interested
I simply mailed their support address on their homepage
http://www.teracom.se, ie: kundtja...@teracom.se


Klaus Schmidinger skrev 2011-05-28 23:55:
On 28.05.2011 10:57, Johan Andersson wrote:

I sent off a question to customer support at Teracom and got a reply
indicating that they do have an error relating to these channels in
their 'coding platform'.

Thanks for actually doing this - finally a broadcaster who at
least admits *they* have a problem ;-)

'Your problem seems to relate to the error we have', was their
statement. They had no due date for fixing it though.

Maybe they would give this more priority if more people contacted
them about this. Once replying to inquiries takes up a considerable
amount of their time, they might consider doing something about it.
Perhaps you should post here how to contact them, so other viewers
of their channels could also bother them ;-)


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