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> However, my original question was about unaired/new episodes.  For
> example, I'd like to record new episodes of "The Simpsons" but I don't
> want an episode unless it's never been aired before.  It sounds like
> the "Don't allow repeats" option is just to check if it's been
> recorded which isn't too useful in my situation.  Suppose an episode
> hasn't aired for several months?  It's not a "new" episode but just an
> old one that hasn't aired in a while so I would want to skip that
> recording.

I would like this option also and iirc there's actually a flag that
specifies a new episode.  I know at least some providers supply an
"original air date" as well which could be compared against the
current date if the "new" flag isn't present.  It would be nice to set
a timer for a show, tell it you want _all_ new episodes, and it's
smart enough to detect schedule changes and so on.  So basically you
could record an entire series (over all seasons) if you wanted to and
only need to set a timer once and forget about it.

It sucks to find out there's been a schedule only after you've missed
some episodes, or have to frequently clean out a cache of dupes.

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