The first version of my plugin rotorng has been released here: -


This plugin allows you to steer a disecq 1.1 rotor, find satellites
with a signal meter and to store them at given positions. It also has
a rudimentary channel scanner which works with both DVB-S and S2. Much
of this code has been merged together from the existing actuator and
rotor plugins, so thanks to the developers of those for their work.

This is an alpha version, though it has been stable on my own system
for a few months. I haven't been able to make as much additional
progress on it as I'd like since my previous email due to work and
holidays so I'm releasing it as is for the moment.

Please see the README file, there are a number of functions within the
user interface that aren't fully implemented or working but the main
functions are there.

Good luck!



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