On 10.6.2011 23:59, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
The defualt is "5".



   Update channels = 5    Controls the automatic channel update
function. '0' means
                          no update, '1' will only update channel names,
'2' will
                          only update PIDs, '3' will update channel
names and PIDs,
                          '4' will perform all updates and also add
newly found channels,
                          and '5' will also add newly found transponders.
                          Note that adding new transponders only works
if the "EPG scan"
                          is active.


Now I know why I disabled this function. Right after enabling it, VDR added CAIDs to all encrypted channels and I cannot tune them any more (I use streamdev-server).

CT HD;CS Link:11973:v:S23.5E:27500:2010=27:2020=cze@4,2023=qaa@4;2021=cze@106:0:D0F,624,D70,D03,D96:14070:3:3214:0

How should I tell VDR not to care about encryption, as the decryption is fully handled by the dvbloopback virtual DVB device (sasc-ng)?

Luboš Doležel

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