On 20.06.2011 18:48, Juergen Lock wrote:
In article<4dfe76ac.9030...@gmx.de>  you write:
Am 19.06.2011 22:57, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
On 19.06.2011 12:41, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
- Fixed detecting frames in case the Picture Start Code or Access Unit
extends over TS packet boundaries (reported by Johan Andersson).

I'm afraid this change causes a short distortion in video and audio
when VDR switches from one .ts file to the next during replay.
I have yet to investigate and fix this, just wanted to warn people
who make important recordings with this new version - which, of course,
nobody should do, since it is a developer version ;-)

Thanks for the hint, reverted to 1.7.18 for now. Or, of course, would
have if I were using a developer version, which nobody would do. ;)

Can you provide a diff that reverts just that changeset so we can use
all the other goodies of 1.7.19 for now? Eh, could, if we would use
developer builds, of course. ;)

I just tried this, does it make sense to just revert all of the
changes to vdr-1.7.19/recorder.c, vdr-1.7.19/recording.c, and
vdr-1.7.19/remux.[ch] ?  If this works I might commit the FreeBSD
port that way...

Pretty much so.
You'll miss out on a few other fixes, too, but that's no big deal.


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