On 20.06.2011 22:03, Karim Afifi wrote:
> Hello,
> Since I have upgraded my hardware from "TT Nexus" to "TT S2-6400", I can't
> read any mkv 
> file anymore from my vdr-1.7.18 and MPlayer. It seems that VDR can't share
> the device.
> This limitation is very very annoying :
> Is there any patch for VDR and/or for MPlayer ?
> Do you know any workaround or any other solution ?

if that would be the case then all nexus (old ff card) users would have
the same problem
imho the tt s2 6400 is not supportet by mplayer

You've right. 
Do you know if there is any patch for MPlayer ?
Or any other plugin ?

Thanks a lot.

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