On Monday 18 Jul 2011, Dave wrote:
> For some time (at least since 2008) Mandriva Linux have been including
> the attached patch in the version of vdr shipped with their
> distribution. It allows timers to be triggered directly by the
> Now/Next data in the EIT provided that a new parameter is set in the
> config file.
> Looking back in the mailing list archives I see the question of
> including this feature in vdr is an old one; see for example:
> http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/vdr/2005-August/003975.html
> However I wonder if the time is now right to reconsider? In the UK an
> accurate Now & Next EIT is provided on DVB-T as part of the Freeview
> Plus (aka TV- Anytime) service, with the data being directly derived
> from the broadcasters' playout systems. I have been running vdr with
> this patch for two years and have never missed a recording due to
> incorrect information. It was really useful during the recent
> Wimbledon tournament when many programmes ran late due to live
> coverage of the tennis.

I will have to give your patch a go becuase I've recently missed a few 
recordings due to tennis and football over-running!!

I presume I need to set timers with no margin at the start and with vps 
enabled for all for this to work?

Do I also need your tvanytime patch for this to work? I did try it a few 
days back with vdr-1.7.19 but I kept on gettign seg faults from calls to 
strcpyrealloc! I was, however, in the process of sorting out some other 
issues at the time so will have to try it again now that I've fixed the 
other problems!



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