On Monday 18 July 2011 13:09:19 Laz wrote:
> I will have to give your patch a go becuase I've recently missed a few
> recordings due to tennis and football over-running!!
> I presume I need to set timers with no margin at the start and with vps
> enabled for all for this to work?

In your setup.conf you should have:

UseVps = 1
VpsFallback = 1
VpsMargin = 120

The last one sets the number of seconds before the scheduled start time that 
VDR begins monitoring the p/f table for the event start.

Also whenever you set a new timer you need to set the 'flag' field to 5 - if 
using vdradmin-am tick the 'use VPS' box in the New Timer window - as well as 
setting the start time with no margin.

> Do I also need your tvanytime patch for this to work? I did try it a few
> days back with vdr-1.7.19 but I kept on gettign seg faults from calls to
> strcpyrealloc! I was, however, in the process of sorting out some other
> issues at the time so will have to try it again now that I've fixed the
> other problems!

The TVAnytime patch includes this VPS Fallback patch, but you don't need the 
rest of it just to do accurate recording.


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