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>>  I'd like to experiment with DAB+ as there are now some broadcasts in
>>  my country.
>>  Are there any DAB+ receivers known to work under Linux? Does VDR (or
>>  other tools) support it? There is little information that can be found
>>  on this topic with Google...
>  even if a product exists, there remains the question regarding a driver...
The Psion Wavefinder [1] (old USB product from circa 2001) works with
Linux using OpenDAB [2]. The Changelog for the most recent version of
this suggests DAB+ support has been implemented.


I did some further googling and found this:


Beside the VHF band it also supports L-band, which is used in the Czech Republic (and Italy). That is good.

They claim to support Linux, but I would first check with them to make sure it applies to the DAB+ feature as well.

But I still haven't found any console scanning tools. OpenDAB appears to be a one-off solution for a single piece of hardware...

Luboš Doležel

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