Am 23.07.2011 16:57, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
>   jpegtopnm $Pict |
>   pnmscale --xscale=$ScaleW --yscale=$ScaleH |
>   pnmpad --black --width $SW --height $SH |
>   ppmtoy4m -F $framerate -I p -S 420mpeg2 |
>   mpeg2enc -f 3 -b 12500 -a $aspect -q 1 -n $system2 -o $Mpeg
> While this works fine for SD video, I can't seen to figure
> out how to make this work for an HD video output device.

I've played around with this a bit, but it seems as if at least my
mpeg2enc (1:1.9.0-0.7, doesn't like HD
resolutions. It has some support for ATSC HD (-f 13), but then doesn't
like european frame rates.

Best chances are probably to find some other encoder that accepts an
420mpeg2 pipe as input and can encode HD mpeg2 or h264 out of it.



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