Am 25.07.2011 11:17, schrieb Harald Milz:
> Because the channel list may be modified by the provider every now and then,
> and VDR cannot know anything about it, the channels.conf file needs to be
> rebuilt frequently outside of VDR (and reloaded on the next VDR restart).

You know that you can modify the current channel list by the SVDRP
commands LSTC, MODC, MOVC, NEWC?

You just need a way to distinguish between 'your' channels and other
channels, so you know which to update.

> It would be far easier if channels.conf could include
> other channels.conf files.

How should this be preserved if VDR saves the channels.conf? How should
changes to the included files be handled? What happens if I move a
channel / all channels out of the included file into the main file?

An include structure is more easily handled on files that only get read.



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