Hi everybody,

today I've got the pleasure to announce my first plugin for VDR:
It's a community project of the yaVDR-Team who've welcomed me in their team
some time ago.

But now to the important stuff:


What does the plugin offer?

* A modern alternative to SVDRP.
* Full UTF8-Support.
* MultiUser-Support
* Different-Output-Formats: Json, Xml and Html
* Epgsearch integration
* OSD-Support
* Epg-Pictures and Channel-Logo Support
* and much more...

Are there any Issues?

* No, every known bug has been fixed before this release. But the plugin is
huge and we haven't been able to test every tiny detail.
* But there is one more thing: The HTML-OSD is ugly, if you have an idea for
a better Theme, let us know and I will add it to the plugin. (You only have
to create a new osd.css file to change the theme.)

What should I do if I find bugs?

* Collect all information about the plugin you can find:
  less /var/log/syslog | grep restfulapi
  Your Request
  And if possible a stracktrace
* Create a bug-report on yaVDR-Redmine:

Where do I find the API documentation?

* Download the plugin and open the API.html. It also contains a lot of

Where can I download the plugin?


What do I need to compile the plugin?

* cxxtools rev 1231 or newer (Important!! I has to be really at least rev
1231, older revisions don't work.)
* VDR 1.7.18, older versions are not supported

nice regards

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