On 29.07.2011 17:00, Torgeir Veimo wrote:
The VDR menu key is somewhat under-utilised, it only toggles the menu
on and off, I think it would be an improvement if it was combined with
the back key.

Instead of using the menu key to toggle the menu on and off, it could
trigger the osd menu initially, initially, but would then subsequently
work as a back key. So if you're deep in a menu, and you press the
menu key, it would take you back one level, just as the back key does.

If you need to go fully out, you long-press the menu key.

This would mostly eliminate the need for a dedicated back key, and
would simplify the basic menu navigation and make it more in line with
other menu navigation systems (eg the ipod comes to mind).

Well, I don't have an iPod, but if it is anything like an iPhone
or an iPad, there the Home button doesn't take you one step back,
but rather returns immediately to the home screen (which I would
consider the equivalent of VDR not displaying any menu).

I'd like to keep the menu key functionality as it is.


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