I'm tidying up changes made to the softdevice plugin to get it working 
with vdr > 1.7.0 which uses TS for recordings. It all works fine pretty 
much most of but I have some errors I'd like to track down.

Are the PES packets provided to the primary device's PlayVideo function 
purely video and audio packets? It looks to me like the PAT and PMT are 
stripped out so that only MPEG2 (no HD for me at the moment) audio and 
video packets should get to PlayVideo(), and so the primary device should 
play _all_ packets sent to it. Is this correct?

I'm getting quite a few errors from avcodec complaining that decoded video 
frames have width and height set to 0. This tends to be at the start of a 
stream, i.e. on channel changing or starting playback.

Are there any packets sent which don't contain any "playable" data that I 
need to test for and handle?

Maybe I should bite the bullet and implement a decoder for 


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