I've been done more testing to understand where's the problem.

I've suspected that vlc on windows doesn't save the original ts as it is but
remove errors from the stream, so i can't use it to analyze the problem.
I'd like to emphasize that i can watch the stream on vlc both in windows os
and linux.

On linux i'm getting allot of ts continuity errors with all the tools i've
tried (vdr, mumudvb, tvheadend, vlc), i had to understand where's it come
from, is it the linux driver fault, the usb dongle or the ts is broadcast
with errors.
I've checked this with both it9135 and af9015 based usb dongle's, I believe
these are the most popular chips used today so that can't be the problem.
On windows i've looked into the vlc log and found no error except the start
of the stream. when initializing the dvb-t card but none so ever after
except once in a while

I've used tsreader to save a mpg contains the whole stream as it is.

I would appreciated anyone's help analyzing the stream and i would like your
opinion if it possible for a patch to be applied to vdr to demux (the right
term?) the stream correctly.
I'm aware that vdr can't be changed for every misconfigured ts but maybe can
be less sensitive.

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