Me too - noticed that DVB-T2 stick a while back.

I have the same issue with changing the front-end, I'm particularly loathed to part with my mediaMVP's using VOMP with my headless server. This forms a good multi-user, functional, low power, low cost, reliable solution... who could want anything more ...until HD came along.

There is an ongoing effort to re-purpose an HD streamer of some flavour for VOMP HD, but its not there yet. The drive now seems to be for a generic Android solution which sounds like a great idea.

On 19:59, Laz wrote:

On Thursday 11 Aug 2011, Chris Rankin wrote:

> Hi,


> I currently use VDR to watch Freeview in the UK, and it works great

> with a Hauppauge NOVA-T-USB2 adapter. However, this adapter isn't

> compatible with DVB-T2 and so I've now ordered a nanoStick T2 290e and

> have upgraded to the Linux 3.0.1 kernel in eager anticipation. My

> ultimate goal is to use VDR to watch FreeviewHD, exactly as I've

> already been using it to watch Freeview, except that I understand that

> the EPG for the HD channels has been compressed using proprietary

> Huffman tables.


> I've already found this web site:


> The patch here for VDR (with separate "drop in" files freesat.t1 and

> freesat.t2) looks interesting, and would seem to allow VDR to read the

> compressed EPG in a transparent way. However, it has obviously not

> been merged to VDR in over 2 years, which would suggest that the VDR

> developers have rejected it for some reason.


> Could someone tell me what the "recommended" approach is for parsing a

> Huffman-compressed EPG with VDR please? I suspect that I can integrate

> this patch into VDR manually, but this isn't a viable long-term

> solution.

I'm in exactly the same boat as you! I've been using vdr for about 8 years now but only for SD stuff. I'm about to order a new hard disk (for a different machine) and was very tempted to add a nanoStick T2 290e to the order!

I'd be really interested to hear how youget on with the nanostick (the only info on it I can really find is at just had a quick look and he's updated it since I last looked! toried of reprogramming a broken nanostick and baking it in the oven!).

Is the driver now mainstream and, essentially, fully working? It looks like it should do. Sod it: just added one to my order! ;-)

I've been using xmltv for a while to grab epg data from the Radio Times xml streams. I'm sure they have dta for HD channels too. It also means you get 2 weeks' worth of data and lenghtier write-ups of films, etc.

What output device are you using for HD? I'm currently using softdevice (which I'm still hacking to get stable with current vdr versions) with a Matrox card for output using DirectFB. I'm just starting to investigate whether it's possible to use VDPAU to do the meaty decoding and then sent the decoded frames to DirectFB (i.e. no need for X to be running). I _think_ this is possible to do: svn avidemux can use VDPAU to offload decoding, apparently.

If that's not doable, I guess I'll build a new Ion-based box and use xine for output. The problem then is that you don't tend to get many PCI slots for DVB cards (well, not with the small Atom boards). Maybe I could just keep the current vdr box (2.66 MHz P4) and stick an Nvidia graphics card in it. Decisions decisions...



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