> If that's not doable, I guess I'll build a new Ion-based box and use xine
> for output. The problem then is that you don't tend to get many PCI slots
> for DVB cards (well, not with the small Atom boards). Maybe I could just
> keep the current vdr box (2.66 MHz P4) and stick an Nvidia graphics card
> in it. Decisions decisions...

Let your DVB-Cards in your vdr box and stream to the Ion box either by
using a vdr instance on both boxes and use streamdev between them, or
having only a vdr instance on the ion box and use vtuner to stream
directly from the DVB cards on the vdr box to the ion box.

Currently I am testing vtuner on a Seagate Dockstar with 2 sundtek DVB-C
USB sticks that is streaming to a Zotac HD-ID 40. It is promising.


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