DVB-T2 has entered Sweden too, so I'm interested in this topic too.

AFAIK there is only two DVB-T2 gadgets, the nanoStick and Blackgolds BGT3620, none have mainstream working Linux drivers yet.

I currently stream MUMUDVB(Multicast) -> VDR-IPTV from server to client with EPG imported by XMLTV. This works decently and allows a small silent ION-box in the living room. It also allows multiple VDR and other clients watching DVB data from the same PCI card in the server.

Given this, I lean to the BGT3620 dual DVB-T2 tuner, over the nanoStick.

On the ION-box I run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and install everything from yavdr's repos with VDPAU, xineliboutput etc. working 'out of the box'. I simply do not have the time , and there is no WAF for long experiments with the living room TV, to do anything else.


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On Thursday 11 Aug 2011, Chris Rankin wrote:

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> I currently use VDR to watch Freeview in the UK, and it works great


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