It has been a long time since the last release and I wanted to at least
get the pending language updates out (Thanks to Diego and Milan!)

I haven't found much time to work on this, so if anyone wants to help -
just pick a bug and send a patch or request to join for commit access.

The changes:

  * Updated Italian translation provided by Diego Pierotto (Closes #450)
  * Added Slovak translation provided by Milan Hrala (Closes #558)

As always: Any help is welcome!

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This is intended to be a community maintained project! Don't expect me
to fix your problems, I'm merely maintaining the project!

Please report any bugs, ideas or feature requests to the project site (no
registration required for this!). If you want to contribute patches, new
features or whatever, post an issue or patch to the projects issue tracker
or request to join the project. I would happily add everyone as a project
member, who would like to contribute to the project!


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