Hi Klaus,

i just realized that if you open an event osd MsgOsdClear is called too


* Open Main-OSD
* Select Schedule
* Select an Item

Now vdr at first calls OsdCurrentItem(const char *Text) and some other items
and then calls MsgOsdClear and then calls OsdTextItem(const char *Text, bool
If I now want to save the information of this methods calls and forward it
to the http-request in my restfulapi-plugin that the event-Title information
is misssing because MsgOsdClear shouldn't have been called.

I had a look into the vdr source and I thought the code should be in
cMenuEvent but I couldn't find a call to MsgOsdClear.

It would be really helpful if you have a look at this.

Looking forward to your answer.

nice regards
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