I am having problems with the image in vdr-sxfe, and initially I thought it
was an issue with the settings relayting to video, but now I feel more
confident that the root cause is in the DVB stream - which means it might be
slightly off topic for this list if that is the case.

What I see from time to time (every ~5 minutes) is that an old image (from a
few seconds ago) is suddenly displayed and then 'fades' away.
Just how much corruption I get varies with vide osettings, but I can never
get rid of it. Then I figured I'd do a recoding and replay a sequence which
on live TV caused the corruption.
And the corruption is repeatable whenever I pass that point in the recording.

Now it seems more like an issue of how the video decorder handles errors in
the stream, but I would still like som help. Either in figuring out what
causes the errors or dimish the impact on the picture.

At https://tyldum.com/vdr/00001.ts you can find a sample stream, and I get
the corruption at 0:33-ish.

Source is DVB-C, using mantis-based tuner. femon reports 92% STR, 96% SNR
and sometimes I see 1 in the BER counter. VDR version 1.7.17, packaged for
Is it simply a bad stream, is there any ideas on how to remedy?

Vidar Tyldum
                              vi...@tyldum.com               PGP: 0x3110AA98

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