On 09.09.2011 19:37, Luca Olivetti wrote:
Al 09/09/11 16:54, En/na Klaus Schmidinger ha escrit:

I think this is still needed for output plugins that don't implement the method,
so that they should at least work as before this modification.

Can you please point out exactly which modificaton you are
referring to?

I'm referring to the modification that changed GetVideoSize
from being purely informational to being used for something.
In case you're interested, with the patch below, output plugins that
don't implement GetVideoSize will have the subtitles working as
before. I know that the proper fix is to implement GetVideoSize
and GetOsdSize (I actually did afterwards), but at least it doesn't
break what was working before.

--- dvbsubtitle.c.orig  2011-09-04 19:11:12.426133000 +0200
+++ dvbsubtitle.c       2011-09-09 19:27:46.064725000 +0200
@@ -887,7 +887,7 @@
    double VideoAspect;
    cDevice::PrimaryDevice()->GetOsdSize(OsdWidth, OsdHeight, OsdAspect);
    cDevice::PrimaryDevice()->GetVideoSize(VideoWidth, VideoHeight, 
-  if (OsdWidth == displayWidth&&  OsdHeight == displayHeight) {
+  if ((OsdWidth == displayWidth&&  OsdHeight == displayHeight) || VideoWidth 
== 0) {
       osdFactorX = osdFactorY = 1.0;
       osdDeltaX = osdDeltaY = 0;

You're right - adopted for 1.7.22.


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