Barak Nahari wrote:
> This sounds great.
> What is needed to be done to get aac latm working with a xine
> frontend?

You need to build xine-lib (1.1.x) from hg repository.

AAC LATM from .ts files and xine-lib DVB input works. You can freely
switch between audio channels of different types.
Switching between mpeg/AAC-LATM/EAC3 TV channels does not work in all
cases. It should work if you don't switch to TV channel using different
audio coding on the same audio channel #.

> Do i need only to compile the xine-lib1.2?

Patches haven't been merged to 1.2 branch yet ?

> Does the vdr-plugin-xine or the vdr-plugin-xineliboutput needed to be
> updated to support aac latm?
> What about the xine frontend or the vdr-sxfe frontend?

Probably only xine-side plugins need to be updated (xine-lib mpeg PES
demuxer for vdr-xine ? and libxine1-xvdr for vdr-sxfe).

vdr-sxfe still needs some fixes to xine-lib for AAC-LATM and EAC3. The
problem is that ffmpeg-based audio codecs need to be initialized using
header buffers. Unfortunately header buffers can't be used after each
channel switch; those are never freed so this would result in engine
lock-up after N channel switches.

- Petri

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