As much as I like the EPG scan, I usually have it turned off because
I think the driver gets rather unstable when VDR often switches
channels and maybe hits transponders that don't carry any signal.
What's especially unstable is the CAM situation. I have two CAMs
in my VDR (connected to budget cards) and quite often the connection
to the CAMs is lost, to a point where not even a CAM reset (from the
Setup/CAM menu) helps any more. I have to pull the CAM, wait a few seconds
and then insert it again. When the driver is in such an unstable state,
a recording on that device will usually fail, and VDR performs an
"emergency exit".

I have also a pay-tv card and I am seeing a similar kind of problems with one finish pay-tv channel (Nelonen Pro). Quite often that channel seems to freeze about every 5 min. In such a cases the channel is watchable only after vdr is restarted. (either vdr crasher or emergeny exit itself)

I have found out that I can speed up the vdr restart in this way:
1) switch to other channel in different frequency (either in dvb-t in same card or dvb-s in other dvb card) 2) switch back to problematic channel --> vdr will either emergency exit or die 3) Once runvdr script restarts vdr, the channel is again watchable and works for a couple of minutes just fine

I do not know whether the signal quality is causing the problems or are there differences in the data send. - channels from finish MTV3 works always without problems, while the problematic channels are from finish Sanoma Oy. - working channels from MTV3 seems to have better signal quality than the problematic channels from Nelonen... (They are in different muxes and I live about 90 km from the nearest tv base station link)

There are however also a days when even the nelonen pro works just fine.
(for example vdr restarted itself every 5 min when I watched finish baseball final on sunday but on the same evening the eurobean champ basketball final showed up just fine.)


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