On 04.10.2011 17:35, Holger Altenburg wrote:

> Just for your readme-file. I had to install python-setuptools and not only
> python-fuse. (Debian Squeeze/e-tobi.net) and I had to set the allow_other
> option in the mount-command in order to get permission to the files for
> non-root-users. It was no help to add this users to the fuse-group.

Thx! Added to the README. I'll check the permission, guess there must be
another way.

> Is there any chance of a possibility, that vdrnfofs could modify the mpg
> so the timestamps will work?

What exactly needs to be changed?

Doing such thing in vdrnfofs would only make sense, if it's a really,
really cheap operation like setting some bits in the TS package headers.
Any deeper inspection/modification of the underlying mpg stream would make
vdrnfofs become damn slow.


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