Hi guys,

I just published remotetimers-0.1.6 at http://vdr.schmirler.de/. The new
release fixes a crash when moving a local timer to the server and a bug in the
menu after modifying priority, lifetime or user IDs of a TS recording. The
plugin has also been adapted to VDR 1.7.21 (not heavily tested yet).

- Adapted handler of SVDRP command LSTR to VDR 1.7.21+ format, including
  the recording's length.
- Updated the menu parts copied from VDR to 1.7.21
- README now mentions the new VDR default port.
- Fixed RecordingInfo update for TS recordings. The altered lines were
  appended but re-writing a clean version of the info file failed. So the
  recording in the menu was not updated, instead an error message appeared.
- Adapted to API change of VDR 1.7.21 (access recording priority/lifetime)
- Fixed crash when moving a local timer to the server

Have fun!

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