The changes:
  * Updated patch for VDR 1.7.21 (Closes #745)

    !!! With this release the channels.conf format has changed !!!
    !!! You may need to manually update your channels.conf     !!!

    With VDR 1.7.21 the subtitle PIDs are stored in the channels.conf as
    an extension to the teletext PID (see vdr.5 for details).

    This change made it neccessary to change the extension of the tpid in
    channels.conf used by the ttxtsubs patch:

    old: ...:201;150=deu,151=fin:...
    new  ...:201+150=deu,151=fin;2001,2002:...

    ...where 201 is the TPID, 150 and 151 are the teletext pages for the
    German and Finnish teletext subtitles and 2001,2002 are the DVB
    subtitle PIDs.

As always: Any help is welcome!

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