On 10.10.2011 15:26, Chris Rankin wrote:


I'm assuming that VDR-1.7.x can tune into DVB-T2 channels, but it seems that 
Fedora 16 will still be using VDR-1.6.x. This is probably because VDR-1.7 is a 
development version, but I'd like to be able to use my PCTV 290e adapter in 
Fedora. So it looks like the DVB-T2 tuning parameters (QAM_256 support?) are 
going to need patching from 1.7 into 1.6. Can anyone point out the relevant 
code, please? I suspect that asking first will be faster... ;-).

I'm not aware of any DVB-T2 specific code in VDR 1.7.x.
For DVB-S2 there had to be a special flag and additional
tuning parameters. Don't know how this is handled with DVB-T2.


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