On 03.10.2011 19:26, Tobi wrote:

>> Looks like my patches haven't been accepted for 0.7.
> No they haven't. Sorry! But it's on the todo list. Just need to fix the
> merge conflicts first, because the patch doesn't apply to 0.7.

I have a new version 0.8 out with the following changes:

  - Use cStringIO instead of string concatenation - about 3 times faster
    (Patch provided by Ed Hein)
  - Fixed license header in source files - it's the BSD licence now!
  - Set mtime of file nodes to recording time (parsed from *.rec)
  - Set mtime of dir nodes to original directories mtime
  - Added homepage http://projects.vdr-developer.org/projects/vdrnfofs
  - Some micro optimizations
  - Cache the file system nodes for get_stat() (nodes used for
    reading are not cached)
  - For FUSE file nodes' uid/gid is taken from the *.rec dir, for dir
    nodes from the original dir

The file system should now be *much* faster.


@Ed Hein:

I've taken the cStringIO from your patch, which works pretty well, but
did a different approach with the caching. Only the nodes used for
tree walking/stat() are cached (max. 10 seconds).
I've also set multithreaded=False instead of locking the file reads -
threading (especially with locks around the reads) doesn't seem to make
things faster anyways.


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