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hi list

I noticed vdr 1.7.16 does handle timer conflicts differently if one of two 
conflicting timers is a VPS event.

Take for example two timers:

timer #1 1623-1707 with timer priority 48
timer #2 1655-1736 with timer priority 52

If both timers are *NOT* VPS events vdr does follow the timer priority, thus 
the change from timer #1 to timer #2 will happen @16:55 precisely.

Now try the same with timer #2 set up as a VPS event (VPS margin two minutes, 
VPS time is correct)

As expected I do have the following line in syslog @16:53:

timer 2 (1655-1736 VPS) entered VPS margin

... but the change does not happen before 17:07 - can somebody explain to me 
why? I expected a VPS timer with higher priority would change channel @VPS 
margin and wait for the event to happen.

Can this be implemented, or are there concerns about this sort of timer 

This is a known poblem and I'll look into it after I have implemented
the "LNB sharing".

The problem is that a VPS timer needs a device to be tuned to the
channel it shall record, in order to be able to observe the "running
status" of the event. As it is now, it does so only if there is a device
that is currently not recording. I guess a fix will be to have VDR force
the device with the lowest priority into tuning to that channel, at the
cost of interrupting an ongoing recording.


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