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> Any suggestions for small, powerful, quiet, FullHD   VDR client?
> So, I search machine what would act as VDR-client, using xineliboutput 
> with FullHD resolution and machine would have DVI or HDMI connection + 
> optical audio.

I am not having tested anything. Two things come to my mind if you
assemble the system yourself.

1. ASRock E350M1 [1] for around 85 € [2]. (There is a USB3 variant too
if you need that.) All you need is RAM and a case. The graphic chipset
is powerful enough for FullHD playback.

The reason I am recommending this board is it is supported by coreboot
[3][4]. So buy one or two backup flash chips, build an image or use a
demo image, flash it to the chip using flashrom [5] and enjoy hardware
initialization in less than a second. Using a SSD (and systemd [6] (?))
it should be almost an instant on experience.

2. PandaBoard [7]. If you have a little more time to set things up the
PandaBoard should be a nice platform. Costing around 170 € it is a
little more expensive but it is small but has everything integrated (no
RAM needed). I have been told boot up times using the Ȧngström
distribution [8] (uses OpenEmbedded framework [9]) with systemd in less
than four seconds. The chips on there are powerful enough for FullHD
playback even without the proprietary PowerVR stuff. You will probably
need to put some effort into getting Xine and xineliboutput to run as it
is not packaged for OpenEmbedded yet.

> Of course remote control is needed too! ;-)

Can’t you use your old one? Otherwise I am not having any suggestions. I
heard the MSCE remotes are supported quite well though.




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