Le dimanche 16 octobre 2011 à 14:02 +0300, JJussi a écrit :
> Any suggestions for small, powerful, quiet, FullHD   VDR client?
> So, I search machine what would act as VDR-client, using xineliboutput 
> with FullHD resolution and machine would have DVI or HDMI connection + 
> optical audio.
> Of course remote control is needed too! ;-)

If you also want to remain 100% free on the software side, I'd suggest a
mini-ITX Core i3 (SandyBridge) motherboard + PicoPSU power supply:
* small : Mini-ITX + reasonable CPU fansink is not that huge
* powerful : even a Core i3 2100 is powerful enough (cpufreq is almost
always at 1,6GHz, with 4% CPU while decoding SD video ; 2,1GHz / 17% HD
video ; I'm not sure which decoding pipe is actually used)
* FullHD : Intel video is really good, with 100% free drivers
* xineliboutput : I only have an issue with HUD OSD at the moment, and
tearing, but I'm sure the situation will improve very quickly with
* DVI, HDMI, optical : choose the motherboard you prefer
* power consumption : too bad my UPS battery died a few days ago, as
it's not able to tell the actual load of my server now. I previously
estimated it at 31,5W idle / 67,2W full CPU load (micro-ATX board, Core
i3 2100, 2×2TB Western Digital Green, no DVB device at the moment)
* remote control : some (if not all) Intel motherboards have Consumer IR
connector, with open drivers, cheap eBay IR receivers, capable of
powering on the PC

That's for the PC-side of things, with a few dozen millions useless
transistors. Embedded gizmos are much more integrated, simple,
efficient, etc. but always lack the little thing you really need/want,
or are a bit difficult to work with.


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