Le lundi 17 octobre 2011 à 09:39 +0200, brian a écrit :
> Looks good. Any chance of underclocking, and getting it totally silent?

cpufreq minimum frequency is 1.6GHz for this Core i3 2100 (1.6-3.1 GHz).
I don't think one can underclock more than that. Maybe the BIOS can
lower voltage, thus heat generation, and lower fan speed a bit more.
I was afraid I'd have to limit CPU speed to, say, 2.5GHz, and reproduce
a real 2100T, but it never needs to go that far up, so it's good.
The fansink is behind a variator (Zalman fanmate), set to the lowest
speed. Too bad the motherboard cannot drive the fan with it's PWM
system, because it's 4 pins only, and the fansink I selected have a 3
pins fan. Anyway, it's very silent.
The case is a Silverstone GD06 with 3 slow-speed fans. They are
sufficiently silent for me at stock speed. The overall machine is far
from silent, but highly bearable (much less noise than the fridge).

> BTW. I'm looking for the same sort of thing, no idea yet what software I
> would use, but it would only be a remote VDR "client" for me. To get away
> from modulating the signal onto the existing cable I want to add some
> small clients if possible. The main VDR would stay in the cellar where 
> it is now.

streamdev-server on the server, to streamdev-client + xineliboutput.
or xineliboutput on the server, to vdr-sxfe/fbfe on the client.


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