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> Any suggestions for small, powerful, quiet, FullHD   VDR client?
> So, I search machine what would act as VDR-client, using
> xineliboutput with FullHD resolution and machine would have DVI or
> HDMI connection + optical audio.

Is this client only with no DVB cards? You could use an Acer Revo,
provided you're confident that you can get VDPAU working, because the
Atom CPU is a bit weak for HD. An HP Microserver with an added graphics
card (and perhaps extra RAM too) is also worth considering, because
they're only about £130 with the cashback offer. Unfortunately I
couldn't find a passively cooled VDPAU-capable card that would fit so I
had to use a Radeon 5450 [1], and nothing much supports VA-API yet :-(.
I wish that would catch on.

The HP's 1.3GHz AMD x2 CPU is better than any Atom and seems to be able
to play 720p in software OK, but probably wouldn't be able to do any
sort of advanced deinterlacing. And it has no onboard sound so you'd
need an additional USB or low-profile PCI-E sound card too if you can't
use HDMI audio.

> Of course remote control is needed too! ;-)

Best to buy one separately.

[1] You need one with either 2 separate low-profile backplates or be
prepared to cut a double one in half because there's no spare slot to
the left of the HP's PCI-e x16 slot.

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