On 10/20/2011 05:41 PM, Joerg Bornkessel wrote:
>> vdr-dxr3 version 0.2.13 is out, noteworthy changes since 0.2.12:
>> - Remove old non-Xine OSD scaler
>> - Reduce unnecessary GetSysClock calls
>> - Implement DVB subtitles hack without needing to patch VDR
> Ville,
> will this works on unpached vdr-1.6.x too?

Yes, unpatched in the sense that the old DVB subtitles hack patch to VDR
sources that used to be shipped with the DXR3 plugin
(vdr-dxr3subtitlehack.patch) is no longer needed - the hack is
implemented internally in this version of the plugin.

I don't know about _completely_ unpatched VDR (I don't think I've ever
actually even tried one), but as far as I know this version of the DXR3
plugin does not require any patches to VDR.  I haven't tried with
anything newer than 1.6.0-2 myself though.

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