Am 22.10.2011 07:51, schrieb
I see. I have 2 partitions, a / partition and a /storage partition. I would
like to record to /storage/video/video.00. I have edited /etc/default/vdr
so it reads:
OPTIONS="-v /storage/video/video.00 -w 60"

Still I get the error:

Oct 22 07:51:24 localhost vdr: [1579] low disk space while recording, trying
to remove a deleted recording...
Oct 22 07:51:24 localhost vdr: [1579] deleted recording found, trying
to delete an old recording...
Oct 22 07:51:24 localhost vdr: [1579] old recording found, giving up

So you're using just one video directory, and all of that directory is on one mounted partition. Thats fine.

Can you give an example for a complete recording path name that should be ready for deletion in your opinion? For VDR-1.7.x, please also post the info file.

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