On 23.10.2011 14:38, Lou wrote:
Sun Oct 23 11:08:23, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

A "hook" is definitely the wrong approach!

What you need to do is find out exactly *why* VDR doesn't delete these
timers as soon as you would expect it to. Then we can see what can
be done about that.

I agree, here's what I noticed with a more thorough look at yesterday's syslog. 
I attached the relevant parts of the log to avoid line wrapping.

The timer enumeration of the problematic timers all changed from their respective value 
to 1 after being "set to no event" - please note that the actual recording 
happened as expected. Any thoughts on how to debug the issue?

Which lines do I have to look at to see the problem?
Please describe exactly what didn't behave as you expected.


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