On Monday 24 Oct 2011, Stuart Morris wrote:
> In the absence of a modification to the Eepg plugin to decompress the
> FreeviewHD EPG, I have applied the original Freesat.diff to my
> installation of VDR 1.7.21 and have achieved some success accessing the
> FreeviewHD EPG.
> The patch is here:
> http://www.rst38.org.uk/vdr/freesat.diff
> The first hunk fails to apply but this is ok because that part of the
> patch is relevant to freesat only.
> The decompressed EPG has many 'holes' in it due to incomplete Huffman
> lookup tables in the freesat.diff.
> I did manage to port the Freesat lookup tables from the Eepg plugin to
> the freesat.diff and I can now receive what appears to be the complete
> FreeviewHD EPG :-)))))

Oooo...I'll try to give it a go in the next few days. I never saw any real 
difference from running the eepg plugin!

What's the best way of filling in the gaps in the lookup tables? Modify 
the patch so that unknown sequences are dumped along with surrounding 
words so that they can be added by hand? How many gaps are you seeing at 
the moment?


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