On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 11:26 AM, M. Fiegert <m...@trigfee.de> wrote:
> can anybody please point me to some examples how to transcode/reencode to
> vdr format (ts or pes if necessary)?
> I found a lot of convert scripts, mencoder commandlines, ... to transcode
> from vdr to eg mp4. Unfortunatly I could not find anything for the opposite
> direction :-(
> How can I go the other way round (to view external files in vdr with the
> same comfort as native recordings) or reencode recordings (to compress pes
> and ts mpeg recordings to h264 with lower resolution - you don't need full
> picture quality on an archive of political discussions for example).
> I could not find a mencoder option to output ts. I guess i need to encode
> with mencoder and then remux with some other tool?

Why don't you just use the mplayer plugin?  It works with practically
no effort and you don't have to waste your time unnecessarily
converting  things to mpeg-ts.

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