> Do you get the red "No Signal" text on black background?

No, I get the "xine" splash screen instead. Sometimes with the VDR OSD on it...

I am using xine-1.1, BTW. Perhaps this is relevant?

> And as someone also suggested, make sure you have xineliboutput set as your
> primary device in Settings/DVB. The value should be the amount of your
> dvb devices + 1. 

OK, I'm assuming that you're talking about /etc/vdr/setup.conf here. And 
although I have

PrimaryDVB = 2

in this file, I don't see how this can be seen as setting xineliboutput as my 
primary device. My xineliboutput configuration is:

xineliboutput.Audio.Compression = 100
xineliboutput.Audio.Delay = 0
xineliboutput.Audio.Headphone = 0
xineliboutput.Audio.SoftwareVolumeControl = 0
xineliboutput.Audio.Speakers = Stereo 2.1
xineliboutput.Audio.Surround = 0
xineliboutput.Audio.Upmix = 0
xineliboutput.Audio.Visualization = goom
xineliboutput.Audio.Visualization.GoomOpts = width=720,height=576,fps=25
xineliboutput.Decoder.PesBuffers = 250


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