Am 11.11.2011 08:05, schrieb Füley István:
2011.11.11. 3:14 keltezéssel, Torgeir Veimo írta:
Am wondering if it would be hard to enhance the femon plugin to show a
graph of signal quality and correction statistics?

Basically, a histogram with STR, SNR, BER and UNC, so that one doesn't
have to oogle the screen constantly to see how signal quality changes.

Even better if it was possible to trigger such monitoring without the
femon display showing.

I think this would be possible with a small script getting the current femon 
status via svdrp (plug femon sgnl/snra) and
put this data into an rrd database, from where you can easily generate nice 
looking graphs. You should run the script at
let's say every 5 minutes or so using crontab.

I'm doing the same for logging my system health status.

 Just a little "advertising" for my dbus2vdr plugin:

With this, you can get data from plugins with dbus calls which wouldn't block the svdrp service and are executed in its own thread.

 dbus-send --system --type=method_call --dest=de.tvdr.vdr \
            --print-reply /Plugins/<pluginname> \
            de.tvdr.vdr.plugin.SVDRPCommand string:'command' string:'parameter'

 From python is calling a dbus method a lot easier (I heard), but haven't tried 
it own my own.

Don't forget to configure the system bus so the calling user is allowed to access it for the vdr-dbus-service, for an example please look at



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