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> That is also my understanding of multi frontend devices.
> If an "adapter" has several "frontends" only one of them can
> be active at any given time. This has nothing to do with
> any "explosives" (excuse the pun ;-) and will be implemented
> in the core VDR code as time permits. Right now I'm cleaning up
> the "lnb sharing" (aka "device bonding") stuff and will hopefully
> find more time for VDR development by the end of the year (and
> thereafter).

If I am following you correctly,
There is one issue however. If an adapter can have only a single
frontend, then there will exist another issue:

- Card has dual multi standard frontend(s).
- Card has CI cards on both the paths (2 CI controllers)
- Card provides scrambled stream as well as descrambled stream (4
simultaneous streams)
- Card needs to swap between the CI modules to take advantage of the
different modules, rather than reconnecting antenna inputs/manually
swapping the CI modules.

Eventually, to handle such a situation: all the nodes exposed to the
application has to be under the "same" adapter, rather than as 4
different adapters, of which 2 of them won't have any frontend or ca


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