> I've received an email from Manu Abraham, informing
> me that he intends to change the driver in such a way that there will
> always
> be only *one* frontend, even if it can handle multiple delivery systems.
> So every frontend an adapter will provide will always be useable
> independent
> of all other frontends of that adapter.
> Personally, I like this method more than having separate frontends for
> each delivery system, and having to manage access between them.
> Just wanted to let you know that the official implementation in VDR
> (most likely after version 2.0) will go a different way than your patch.

I am wondering what's the reason of breaking this current rule as it
sounded so clear...So if cards all delivery systems are mapped as an
adapters under same frontend, there must be a some method for querying
which of those adapters are tied together. Did Manu say whether that
info can be get via dev tree, via sysfs or by using some new ioctl?

And if the patch wont go in, it means that hvr-4000 owners needs to
maintain in addition of the vdr-patch, also a patches for all plugins
that the patch breaks :-(. On the other hand, if the patch would be
accepted to vdr before 2.0, I am sure that all plugi-ns would be adapter
to work in couple of weeks to work with the new interfaces.


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