You assumed incorrectly.

I killed xine and edited the file while xine was not running.

in fact the line gui.dropped_frames_warning:0
is now permanently in the config file but still I get the notifications
(or at least some of them)

Nobody reading these lines knows what part of xine┬┤s source code do I
need to murder to get rid of the notifications once and for all ?

> > I have added
> >
> >
> > gui.dropped_frames_warning:0
> >
> > but still if the system gets stressed I get a warning box
> >
> > Some xine dev knows by any chance how to remove xine?s ability to
> > display warning boxes or to make them of size 0x0 pixels ?
I assume you did not unload xine before editing the config file.  The
file can not be edited while xine is running.

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