halirc is a python program I wrote for my own use, but maybe others are
interested in it too. If so, I will make it a sourceforge project

halirc can get events from lirc and other sources. It controls devices
like vdr, my Denon AVR 2805 Receiver (via RS232), my LG Plasma TV (via RS232)
and other things by shell calls. This would be rather difficult to do
with lircrc and shell scripts (I tried).

it is rather modular, adding support for more devices should be 

halirc gives you a basic library making it easy to implement your
specific wishes on top of it. It knows about the quirks of those devices
and hides them from you (like the LG reacting in strange ways when
sending commands while it powers up or down and the Denon
ignoring new commands while processing some. Both devices have no
reliable way of telling that they are ready to process the next command)

my use cases (they need about 90 statements on top of the library code):

- in the morning, start a certain radio station very loudly. Later, make it
less loud, then turn it off. Only on weekdays

- I find it easier if I only have to get contact with one single IR receiver.
So halirc listens to lirc events and redirects them to the matching 
devices (I use IR codes of otherwise unused remotes for this)

- when listening to radio, I can switch the TV off with one button.
This is not yet standby, if the image is wanted again it appears
without delay.
After 5 minutes halirc puts the screen into standby. Any other key
will switch the screen back on and initialize it as needed by vdr.

- add direct support for USB-controlled Gembird power outlet, right
now I do that via shell scripts
- show some state changes of the Denon receiver on screen, especially
for the different sound falsifying modes like SUPER STADIUM. The display
of the Denon is too far away to be visible. This is easy to do because the
Denon will automatically send all state changes over RS232, no polling
- I do have RS232 specifications for some Epson beamers and for some
Pioneer blue ray players, but I currently have no plans to buy those.
Anyway adding support for them those should be easy to do.
- maybe support sending IR commands with lirc

get it here:


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