Hi Lars,
First reports on v2 of your multi-frontend patch with HVR 4000 card:
  - can switch between both frontends successfully and very stable with
repetitive tests 
  - timer behaviour as expected
  - switching response seems quicker than before
  - Streamdev and xineliboutput plugins compile OK. Xlo tested OK, will
look at Sd later
  - Have modified Rotor plugin to fit (maintaining personal version) and
all seems OK
  - Working through sc plugin changes to fit.
If I can get the sc plugin working I'll move across a sd premium card
into the mix and see how it behaves, watch this space ...       
While this is all good obviously things will no doubt change when Klaus
releases 2.x with the new multi-frontend adapter handling. However,
reading between the lines this may not be in the immediate future so an
interim workaround  for these cards is appreciated by me and I expect
others ...
Thanks and keep up the good work.

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  Here's version 2 of my multi-frontend-patch. It's still "dirty", since
it changes the constructor of cDvbDevice which will break compilation of
some plugins. But I think it might be necessary to look at the relevant
plugins since they might need to react on frontend changes. I haven't
tested any of those plugins but will have a look at some that I'm using.
Maybe there have to be some virtual functions like
"BeforeFrontendSwitch" and "AfterFrontendSwitch" so the plugins are even
able to know about it.

  Assumption for this patch:
  All frontends within one adapter have to be used mutually exclusive.
All cards I know behave in this way. If there are cards with multiple
frontends which can be used simultaneously I'd like to hear about it.

  Whenever the dvb-api-changes are upstream (the ENUM_DELSYS thingy) I
think my patch can easily be converted to use that.

  I'm still working on this patch, it's not finished yet... :-)

  Have fun,


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