On 20.12.2011 09:49, Morfsta wrote:

I have just upgraded my VDR system to yavdr 0.4.0 which uses VDR
1.7.21 and I notice that the Rotor plugin and my own Rotor-ng plugin
no longer drive the rotor using any of the functions in the menu.

Is anyone else seeing this too?

I think that this could be because of recent changes to disecq
handling code within VDR as part of the Unicable update. Klaus could
you point me in the direction of what might have changed such that
these plugins no longer work and I will do my best to implement a fix.

I don't see what could have changed in version 1.7.21 that might
have an impact on this.
"Satellite Channel Routing" (SCR) and "Device Bonding" (unicable)
were implemented in later versions.


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