I am using vdr-xine.
xine with xxmc enabled works great:

12% cpu utilization (@1280x1024)

The idea is to be able to play with a minimum of fuzz .avi files from
within vdr

I believe the externalplayer plugin + mplayer (with xvmc enabled), is
the way to go?

Subject: Re: [vdr] playing divx from vdr
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On 20 December 2011 17:46, Arturo Martinez wrote:
> >
> > On an old Machine (Pentium3 @ 1000Mhz with 1GB of RAM) running vdr
> > 1.7.21 happily, what is the best (simple, no frills) way to play .avi
> > files from within vdr?
If you use softdevice, there's an accompanying plugin called softplay
that plays back most files ffmpeg can play. Which output device are
you using?

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