On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 9:23 AM, Klaus Schmidinger
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> On 20.12.2011 09:49, Morfsta wrote:

> I don't see what could have changed in version 1.7.21 that might
> have an impact on this.
> "Satellite Channel Routing" (SCR) and "Device Bonding" (unicable)
> were implemented in later versions.

I think the yavdr VDR distribution has the Unicable patch applied to
1.7.21, there is an option "log LNB usage" in the LNB menu and there
is a # Unicable set of entries in the disecq.conf file.

The rotor and rotorng plugin use: -

  if (ActuatorDevice->SendDiseqcCmd(switch_cmds[KNr]))

to send the disecq sequence to move the rotor where KNr is the device
number with the rotor atached.

Has this means to send the disecqc command now changed as part of
unicable support both in core VDR 1.7.21 and as part of the patch?

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